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Friday, March 18, 2011

हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन

- A translation of english song
All of us have heard "हम होंगे कामयाब" innumerable times in India. This song is translation of famous english song 'We shall Overcome' -- a song with origins in early 1900s in America. It became quite famous there during civil rights movement in 1960s. You can find more information about this at Wikipedia . The tune of hindi song is same as that of its english original (I think it's probably one of the most recognized tune in the world).
हम होंगे कामयाब,
हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन
हो हो हो मन मे है विश्वास, पूरा है विश्वास
हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन

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